Wednesday, February 23, 2011

AVG Coupons

 this time, people from everywhere in the world are utilizing computers for research, entertainment and social communication. It has been confirmed that 99.9% of individuals in this world, are literates in utilizing the computer. However, the rise of computers gave beginning to something very dangerous, the viruses, spyware and lots of more that can be extremely dangerous in your computer. The nice thing is, there are a lot of anti-viruses that can defend your computer from every potential hurt that may happen to your computer. Not all anti-virus programs truly work effectively, but one thing is for certain, AVG antivirus will provide you a competent and full protection in your pc. Plus, you will get AVG coupons for service discounts.
Putting in this software program program will take an inexpensive amount of time to complete. Though it may be a long process, it's solely put in with an information that can let computer users of various talent degree have a straightforward time dealing with putting in the software. The advantage of having AVG installed in your pc is that it's a type of "install and neglect" type of programs. You can simply leave it operating on the background scanning for harmful parts in your laptop while doing one thing else. It gained trigger your laptop to lag. Apart from these good components, another good thing is that you may set it to scan your computer if you end up not utilizing it. Should you haven't tried AVG's companies, you can get AVG coupons to expertise their service that may surely impress you.
AVG's interface is an user pleasant or an easy to use program as a result of it is made logistically and a really easy manner. Inside this software program are simply understandable contents that may present you every part that you might want to discover in your computer. AVG presents folks the whole PC safety with its features. Other than that, AVG is updated yearly to be able to deal with subtle viruses to safeguard your laptop from all threats as much as possible.
AVG is able to present their customers with around the clock assist concerns. If you're having problems together with your AVG software, aid may be given to you thru an instruction guide given while you purchase the software program or from direct links that can redirect you to a discussion board or a web based help centre. Present you computer everything it needs to operate fast as much as doable with AVG.
If your computer is still without an antivirus program, it's best that you could get AVG coupon so as to be eligible to get more discounts on getting the AVG antivirus software.

How to Protect Your Computer Against Malware

Each year the damages from computer malware cost US businesses billions of dollars. These costs are not only in lost productivity, but permanent loss of critical business data. Arguably, most if not all infections are preventable with the proper understanding, training and protection. Don't be the next victim, take the steps now to ensure protection and recovery if the worst should happen.
First, let's understand computer malware. Often the term virus is used to describe all malware. Technically speaking, there are viruses, rootkits, Trojan horses, worms and spyware. The attack method may differ but they are all malicious.
virus is a program that runs itself and replicates itself. It can affect files or the boot sector and can delete all your data. The "Melissa" and "I Love You" viruses gained global attention.
rootkit or Trojan horse allows access to your system without your knowledge. Often they look like a useful piece of software but in fact they are back or trap doors.
A computer worm is a self-replicating computer program. It uses a network to send copies of itself to other nodes. Once on the system, worms do not need to attach to another program and can run themselves. Worms cause a denial of service attack making the network unusable. In general, worms target the network and viruses attack files.
Spyware is computer software that is installed on a personal computer to intercept or take control of the PC. Spyware can hijack a computer and cause serious problems by gathering and transmitting personal data, loading undesirable software or redirecting browsers to malicious sites.
Protecting yourself -
  1. Have a good backup, just in case you need to restore
  2. Use a firewall
  3. Keep your system updated with the latest security patches
  4. Install and update anti-virus and anti-spyware software (see below for choices)
  5. Do not open email from anonymous, unknown or suspicious sources
  6. Do not download files or software from anonymous, unknown or suspicious sources
  7. Do not navigate to suspicious or promiscuous websites
  8. Regularly scan your system for malware (see below for choices)
  9. Be sure that you have a good backup so that you can restore your full system if needed
  10. If you think you have been attacked, act quickly to isolate the infected computer and remove the malware.
You can purchase anti-virus and malware protection or there are many free versions for home users. For anti-virus, AVG, Avast and others have free versions. For corporate anti-virus, we use Symantec Endpoint. For malware, we like Malwarebytes (personal or corporate edition) and Advanced System Care. With so many choices if you like one better, use it. The important point is that you have to have malware/virus protection.
Use a three prong approach to keep your system safe: educate, protect, monitor. Try to understand the types of threats to your computer. The more educated and informed, the better you can protect your system. Monitor for threats and scan your system often. If it looks suspicious, don't open the email, go to the site or download the file or software.
Please be watchful of the sites you visit, the software you download and the email you open as the threats to your system change daily
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